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WARSAW, 2.09.2023, 3PM



We start at the Na Skarpie Avenue (behind the Parliament). .

We start gathering at 2PM. Two hours of amazing demonstration, evangelism and worshipping Jesus! .

Whoever you are and from wherever you are, JOIN US! .

After the March, we invite you to Plac Zamkowy where at 5PM, we will have a worship concert and second part great performance titled „The Gates of Heaven, the Flames of Hell”. .

Dear all, friends of the March for Jesus and others who are interested in the event! Yet again this lofty effort that aims to simply demonstrate our Christian faith in Jesus Christ is going to take place in Warsaw. As always, it is going to be an event without political or denominational overtones. As always, it is going to be a time of proclamation, evangelism and worship. The March in itself is a very pronounced form of expression and getting the message out. In this edition, it refers to the Biblical exodus as well as the New Testament call of our Lord, who said: Follow Me! We invite you on our own behalf, but also on behalf of the many friends of the March and communities from Warsaw to this special time of unity in faith. What unites us is our shared belief and proclamation that Jesus Christ is Lord! .

March for Jesus coordinator Pastor Jerzy Przeradowski

Marsz dla Jezusa - Warszawa - Polska - Europa - Świat
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